Our Signature Cut


This unique Wulu shape is our most difficult facet design.

Yes, we cut two pavilion in one single stone.

Wulu is a symbol of happiness in Chinese culture. We hope to use the twinkling of gemstones to express the tolerance, freedom and pursuit of happiness in Chinese culture. Also, if you look closely at the table, you will find a seated Buddha hidden in the gem.


Our Gem-Vase is inspired by the image of vases from the Ming and Qing dynasties in China. The overall curve lines are soft and the gem is radiant. In the past, people believed that the pronunciation of “Ping” contained the meaning of peace and safe.


Sakura symbolize warmth, romance and hope.

The five petals are as delicate as a dream in the clouds. We also made a unique notch for Sakura at the tip of each petal.


Snowflake is so beautiful and unique in the nature.

We use precious stones to reproduce the classic hexagonal snowflake image, carefully cut and polish every corner detail. Now, you can hold and collect one piece of snowflake forever.

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